Sea-Hawks Drop Game Two Versus Reds

Sea-Hawks Drop Game Two Versus Reds

The Reds got an early start on the board finishing the first quarter with a nine-point lead. They remained strong in the second quarter scoring an additional 17 points to finish out the half leading 41-29.

Teammate Alana short was the first Hawk to start the scoring, after her first basket she came up with a great three-pointer to give herself five points heading into the second half. Haille Nickerson was the lead scorer for Memorial, going into the half with eight points. 

Bailey Black of the Reds lead for her team in the first half, putting up an impressive 15 points. Trailing behind her was teammate Grace Simpson with a respectable eight points.

The Hawks worked hard to make up some distance in the third quarter, but the Reds remained strong putting up another 22 points. The differential going into the fourth and final quarter was 16.

Putting up eight of the 18 Sea-Hawks points in the third quarter was third year guard Ines Salat Margarit.
Lead scorer for the Reds in the third was again, #7 Bailey Black with ten points.

The Sea-Hawks came out guns-a-blazing in the fourth quarter, knowing they had to cover some ground. This effort didn't go unawarded, the Sea-Hawks would score a total of 28 points in the fourth quarter, with the win so close they could almost taste it.

Their hunger would go unsatisfied as the Reds wouldn't fall to the pressure, putting up 17 points of their own, which was enough to keep them in the clear.

After a nail biting fourth quarter, and great comeback by the Hawks, the Reds would pull out the win, finishing the game with the five-point lead, making it 80-75.

The top scorer for the Memorial Sea-Hawks was Haille Nickerson, who put up 21 points and behind her was teammate Jane Baird with 12 of her own. 

The top scorer for the UNB Reds was Bailey Black, finishing with 23 points. Her two nearest scoring teammates were Mikaela Dodig and Grace Simpson, both finishing with 15 points.