Student-Athlete Conduct

This section includes information on student-athlete conduct guidelines, hazing and harassment policy, responsible use of social media and online behaviour.

Athlete Conduct

Memorial student-athletes are given a unique opportunity to continue pursuing their elite sport goals through varsity athletics and it is important that this responsibility is taken seriously.

As a Sea-Hawk your name and face will be highly recognizable through the local community, so please act responsibly in events directly associated with our varsity athletic program and in decisions you make in your own personal social lives.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Always follow the rules of conduct as outlined by your coach/team
  • Be polite to officials, staff, and fans in home and away venues
  • Take the opportunity to speak to media, fans, sponsors, and other stakeholders in a professional way
  • Always look for ways to increase your sport's profile through community involvement initiatives
  • Always think about the environment you are in when deciding how to act
  • Be responsible when choosing where to wear your Sea-Hawks apparel.
  • If you are of legal age and you choose to consume alcohol, you must recognize that you are responsible for your behaviours and actions.