Hawks Fall to Cape Breton

Hawks Fall to Cape Breton

The Cape Breton Capers took the first game of the weekend series, 64-58. 

Memorial had a thoroughly tough first half. They were able to lead after the first quarter, but they grew cold with more time played. They struggled to convert all over the floor, shooting 10% from deep, 63% from the line, and 30% from the field. 

For the Capers, it was a similar story. They struggled to convert from the line, shooting 38%. They shot better from the field than the foul line, shooting 40% after the first half. They held the lead after a strong second quarter, putting up a strong 18, 31-24. 

Deng Ring gave the Hawks a much needed energy boost coming out of the half with some key hustle plays. He was a key player while Memorial is still recovering from injuries. Memorial was able to contain the Capers after their strong second quarter. The fourth continued to be a close game, up until the last minute where the Hawks weren't able to execute to gain their lead. 

For the Capers, scoring was incredibly well-spread across seven players, the most being 10 and the least being 6. For the Hawks, Deng Ring had a game high 16. This game was one for the Hawks to forget.